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www.แพทย์แผนไทยแห่งแรก.com วิทยาลัยการแพทย์ฯ มร.ชร. มูลนิธิการแพทย์พื้นบ้าน(TMF)
        The School of Traditional and Alternative Medicine (STAM) is one of the faculties of Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, which has been successively developed through ample action and participatory research projects systematically and seriously for decades. Owing to the health crisis and health problems, like AIDS and chronic diseases-cancer with which cannot be coped by modern medicine alone, traditional Thai and alternative medicine as well as diversified medicine is strongly needed.
The STAM is one of expertise pioneers commencing and conducting traditional and Thai medicine research (since 1984-1988) for more than 20 years on folk wisdom and beliefs in food and healthcare of upper Northern Thais under the Asian Food Habit Project for 6 ASEAN countries. The research on Folk wisdom is potential in ethno-health care with Department of Cultural Promotion and UNESCO support has also been conducted (1991-1996), as well as AIDS crisis solution via folk wisdoms under the Research Institute of Public Health and UNAIDS (1996-1999).
        In addition, in 1999 the local R&D center with the cooperation of Thailand Research Fund (TRF) was established and hence leading to revitalization and improvisation of folk wisdom knowledge and experience on traditional Thai medicine networking 8 upper Northern previnces, resulting in its modules for synthesizing and Lanna medical text books as referents (2000-2004). With TRF support the promotion of Folk healers as well as the R&D of Northern ethno-medicine and medicinal herbs was
implemented leading in networking with Xishuangbanna and Tai-Zhuang, South China; Bo Kaew District, Laung Nam Ta, Laos; and Chan State, Myanmar (2008-2009).
        Moreover, four conferences have been held on traditional medicine and medicinal plants: the 1st and 2nd conferences held in Chiangrai, Thailand involving delegates from 4 Mekong sub-region countries (2008-2009), the 3rd under the support of Chinese ethno-medicine Association via Chinese government held in Jinhong, China and the 4th in Kunming, China with Vietnamese and Cambodian healers delegates. That makes 6 Mekong Sub-regional countries networking ever since.
         With long experience, the STAM, in 2002, in collaboration with Professional Thai Medicine Board 4BTTM programs (4 years), namely Thai Traditional Pharmacy, Thai Medicine, Nuad Thai Therapy, and Thai Traditional Midwifery as well as Diploma in Pharmacy R&D were elaborated. These programs have been certified by TTM Board since 15 Nov. 2002 as stipulated in the National Act of the Professional Therapeutic Control B.E. 2542 section 33(1)(B) resulting in the official status of the STAM as an offered “Thai Medicine Education Institute” This indicates that after graduation, the graduates can take the license examination held by the Traditional Thai Medicine Board and obtain the Professional Traditional Thai Medical Doctor license (B) covering the said programs. The STAM has commenced undergraduate level since 2003, graduate Diploma in Thai Pharmacy 2002, and graduate level both master and doctorate in 2005.
        Presently, the STAM offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees as follows:The undergraduate level takes 12 semesters or 6 years of study for traditional Thai Medicine which includes the 4 programs of Thai Pharmacy, Thai Medicine, Nuad Thai Therapy, and Thai Midwifery. Graduating and passing the license examination, the graduates become the medical practitioners and they
can top-up their study with diploma in Thai Medical Care (IPD in particular), Traditional Geriatric Medicine, Traditional Maternal and Child Health Care, and Thai Traditional Pharmaceutical Industrial Management.
        What’s more, for master degree curriculum (M.TM.), a-two-year research degree program and a-2-year coursework degree (non-thesis) program are available. This focuses on Thai Pharmacy, Thai Medicine, and Nuad Thai Therapy programs. The graduates shall have the professional license.Lastly, the doctoral degree curriculum on Traditional Thai Medicine (D.TM.) offered the following: research degree program, and coursework degree program with dissertation (3 years)
         The School of Traditional and Alternative Medicine (STAM) has been developed and elaborated as an indigenous medicine R&D base which has been founded by Dr.Yingyong Taoprasert (Ph.D.) under the support of TRF Regional office since 1999 as a coordinating center including Chiang Rai Province, Phayao Province and Fang District (Chiang Mai).
         In 2001 the STAM with the ex-President and the ex-Vice President of Traditional Thai Medicine Board (Dr.Chawalit Santikitrungroeng and a pharmacist Mr.Yongsak Tantipidoke) initiated and offered Bachelor Degree in Traditional Thai Medicine as stipulated in the National Act of the Professional Therapeutic Control B.E. 2542 33 (1) (B)
         In 2001 promptly after the approval of the curriculum, Rajabhat Chiangrai Institute officially appointed Dr.Yingyong Taoprasert a Director of the STAM. The STAM has been established and accredited as an education means certified by Professional Traditional Thai Medicine Board. Only 5 persons get involved at the first start: Dr.Yingyong Taoprasert as a director and professor; Dr.Kanyanoot Taoprasert as a deputy director and professor; Mr.Nakorn Juntawong as a teacher and officer; Miss Nujalee Buadang, and Miss Pranisa Kamkaew as officers, and later in 2003 the first group of Thai Medicine program students (B.TM.) were recruited (first graduate level in 2002) with 10 staffs in Thai Medicine, Medical Science, Medical Sociology and supportives.
         In 2004 Chiangrai Rajabhat Institute has been promoted a University and one year later with the effort of Office of the Higher Education Commission by Deputy Secretarial (Dr.Suchart Muangkaew) the STAM has been officially accredited one of the faculties by accommodated in the new University structure as stipulated in the Educational Decree by Minister of Education.
         Dr.Yingyong Taopresert has been elected and appointed the first Dean since 2005-2008 and also 2009-2012 (twice) Hence, Dr.Yingyong Taoprasert is well-known as the founder, creator, and administrator of the STAM with 12-year-strenuous hard working (now retirement) starting with 5 up to 52 staffs and 450-490 students (in 2012) including 520 B.TM. graduates, 14 Diplomas, 15 Masters (R&D) and 1 Doctorate (R&D). Consequently, the STAM is said to be the most progressive organization in the University, hence, should be honored in the University Hall of Fame.